eZ-PLANNER is the latest BCM software powered by eBRP Solutions .eZ-PLANNER is new, but eBRP has been designing and creating BCM solutions since 2002..

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  • Risk & Impact

    The key to a successful BCM program is identifying risks and creating strategies to mitigate them.Unlike most BCM software, eZ-PLANNER is ‘risk-centric’

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  • Development

    To keep you BCM program’s Plan Development on track, you need to assure that Plans meet certain criteria, they contain specific information, or they

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  • Hosting

    eZ-PLANNER boasts a world-class SaaS environment. Each eZ-PLANNER customer installation is hosted in a SAS-70 audited environment

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  • Notification

    eZ-PLANNER supplies fast, effective automated notification powered by Everbridge Aware .Express Automated Notification is critical to the success of any BCM.

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  • Get Set, GO!

    If managing documents takes more of your time than writing Business Continuity Plans and you know your BCM program should be accomplishing more but don’t have the time, or the budget…

    eZ-PLANNER has your solution.

    Risk Assessment, BIA Surveys, Dependency Mapping, BC and DR Planning, Maintenance and Exercise Tracking – plus built-in automated voice notification. All in a single, SaaS-based Business Continuity Management software package with Unlimited User access, at a price that won’t burst your budget!

    If it’s finally time to take your BCM Program to the next level, you owe it to yourself and your organization to make eZ-PLANNER your BCM choice.


2.Fast & Flexible.
3.Ready for Action.
5.Information-not just data.


2.Risk & Impact.
3.Plan Development.

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